Oleg Gazmanov stood up for his son-the fashion model

Олег Газманов вступился за сына-фотомодель The singer is proud of the achievements of his successor, the owner of the inflated body with a perfect torso and biceps. According to Oleg Gazmanov, it doesn’t hurt that his stepson, Philip shows your perfect figure.

      Олег Газманов вступился за сына-фотомодель

      18-year-old stepson of a people’s artist Oleg Gazmanov Philip — dream of many girls. He loves to play sports and is not shy to show my body in front of camera lenses. In addition to Amateur images, Philip sometimes publishes in social networks with footage of the photo shoots he takes part as a model.

      Many wondered: and what of the activities of his son Oleg Gazmanov, don’t you think that posing on camera — unworthy occupation for young men? Public interest was piqued and circumstances of the work of Philip Gazmanov. He collaborates with the infamous Marvin Models Agency, founded St. Petersburg photographer Alexander Mavrin. In the portfolio organization — mostly pictures of half-naked girls and occasionally young people.

      Олег Газманов вступился за сына-фотомодель

      Oleg Gazmanov told journalists that he has nothing against the work of Philip model. The singer is proud of the achievements of the stepson, who leads a healthy lifestyle, and says that it is better to be photographed on camera, instead of doing worse. Gazmanov also stressed that Philip has no contract with the Agency.

      “Loudly — began work (with a modeling Agency — Ed.). There is no contract, but he is associated with them, it is interesting. He has such a crazy figure, I’m happy that it takes me an example. In what it poured out, you can look at his Instagram, and I am proud that he does it. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, he’s a great guy. Yes, it is photographed, and the glory of God, let him continue to do that,” — said Gazmanov in an interview “Russian news service”.

      Recall that in 2015 the CPS has blocked a site of the Marvin Models due to the fact that I found it on the propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation. Renowned photographer from the cultural capital Aleksandr Mavrin, who owns the Agency, repeatedly summoned to the police to provide testimony. Previously Mavrina was also charged with distribution of pornographic content.

      Philip Gazmanov — the stepson of singer Oleg Gazmanov. His parents — the current wife of the singer Marina Muratova and brother of the founder “MMM” Sergey Mavrodi, Vyacheslav. Philippe studied at a private school in London, where he became interested in Rugby. In recognition of the stepson Gazmanov, this sport has greatly contributed to his interest in training. Rugby thanks Philip began to follow him and swing. He also loves to draw and received job offers from companies that develop computer games. At the moment Philip is studying in one of the British universities.

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