Олег Газманов устроил семье спортивные выходные Singer, his wife and children enjoy exercising in the fresh air. The heirs Gazmanov grow the same fans of a healthy lifestyle, like their famous father. The artist sincerely proud of them.

      Олег Газманов устроил семье спортивные выходные

      65-year-old honored artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov is in amazing shape, what leads to the huge delight of his fans. No joke, recently Gazmanov even challenged dancin ‘ Italian millionaire, the fan proper nutrition and training. In fact he Gazmanov — a big sports fan and regularly perform physical exercises. And noting the Day of the athlete, Oleg arranged for your family holiday a healthy lifestyle.

      So, 18-year-old son of the actor Philip mastered a sport, like surfing. The young man also took a picture with the Board. “Yes, I surfaholic,” admitted Philip on Instagram. As for the daughter of Oleg, 12-year-old Marianne, she chose to ride a bike. The eldest heir of the artist Rodion could never get away with family by nature, but his father suggested that the young man is training in the other place.

      Oleg Gazmanov: “Before I could twist sons of the RAM’s horn, and now no

      “In day of the athlete Philippe on the Board, Marianne on bike. And Rodion somewhere at concerts is pressed. Work! #getcurrent” — shared the accomplishments of their children Oleg Gazmanov.

      According to followers of the artist, he has grown great kids. Subscribers Gazmanov wrote them compliments on social networks. “All during exercise”, “Unique family”, “you have Beautiful children and Your children can enjoy forever,” “well Done”, “Are adults”, — shared his opinion of the fans of the celebrity.

      Oleg and his wife Marina Muraveva-Gazmanov decided to go for a trendy sports boat. However, the singer and his wife had an unpleasant incident. Stole their shoes, which the pair left on the shore. This was reported Gazmanov in his Instagram. The actor also added to his post a sad face. Fans were quick to support your favorite artist. “In the still wild people”, “Feel”, “the Horror! Who needs these shoes?”, “Yeah, “collectors,” “Unpleasant,” they wrote in the comments of the post Gazmanov.

      Earlier in his interview, the actor said that he loves the gym, no wonder Gazmanov is a Russian candidate master of sports in this discipline. At the moment, he also enjoys Alpine skiing, soccer, tennis, wind surfing, sometimes playing chess. According to singer, the main thing in a healthy upbringing of children — feeding them a personal example. Therefore, the heirs of the artist has grown so strong and physically developed.

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