Олег Газманов высказался о рождении еще одного ребенка
The singer told whether he with his wife to hire the services of a surrogate mother.

Oleg Gazmanov

Photo: @Instagram oleggazmanov Oleg Gazmanov

The theme of the children have parents who have reached Mature age, becoming more and more relevant for Russia. The discussion of this topic has been simmering since then, as it became known that Emmanuel Vitorgan became a father again at age 78. Will other stars of Russian show business to follow the example of those who decided on “late parenthood”?

Oleg Gazmanov though, and kept amazing for 66 years form sure that children need young parents. He recently admitted that his plans are not included in the future to seek the assistance of a surrogate mother or use “conception in vitro”. Gazmanov wait for the birth of grandchildren, because he feels that his energy is not enough for the upbringing of another child.

“To give birth, while young: do strovite more children. Still the baby needs the young and energetic Pope, so he could react to the movement of his child. And at the age it is difficult to keep up with his activity!” — quoted Oleg the Source.

Incidentally, his colleague Alexander Marshall holds a different point of view. He is sure that the more children, the better for the demographic situation. Like, there’s can’t be choosers. If you have the opportunity to become parents — it should be used. Curious, don’t you think the 60-year-old Marshal of adding to the family?