Oleg Gazmanov sang a duet with the star project “Voice. Children”

Олег Газманов спел дуэтом со звездой проекта «Голос. Дети»
The singer became a goodwill Ambassador of the charity festival “Angels of nature”.

Олег Газманов спел дуэтом со звездой проекта «Голос. Дети»

Oleg Gazmanov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Participant of the show “the Voice. Children” Daniel Pluzhnikov from Sochi
the darling of the audience, brilliantly performing “blind auditions” the song of Oleg
Gazmanov “Two eagles”. The other day the boy managed to sing the hit, along with its author.
About Daniel and Oleg asked the participants of the press conference devoted to the festival
“Angels of nature”, which takes place in Sochi.

Олег Газманов спел дуэтом со звездой проекта «Голос. Дети»

Oleg and Daniel

Photo: Press service of Oleg Gazmanov

“Angels of nature” — international children’s charity
the festival, which is attended by the winners of ecological competitions and
competitions. The festival participants — children with disabilities
health. Danila himself is suffering dwarf disease, and in 13 years it grew by only
98 centimeters. No matter what, the guy leads an active life, singing,
plays musical instruments and loves to dance. The success of Daniel, no doubt,
is the best example for people with disabilities.

Daniel Pluzhnikov

Photo: Press service of the First channel

“Children who planted though
one tree, never in my life won’t break him — said Oleg Gazmanov. — We
can talk, to rend the air about what we’re patriots, but if you
say you’re a patriot and did nothing, not planted a tree, did not help the child
it’s all just words”.

The project was already joined Russian celebrities —
the artist Nikas Safronov, Diana Gurtskaya, Daniel Pluzhnikov and singer
Oleg Gazmanov has agreed to become one of the goodwill ambassadors of the movement
“Angels of nature”.

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