Олег Газманов — наш ответ «танцующему миллионеру»

Famous singer Oleg Gazmanov will compete with the 49-year-old Italian millionaire the Gianluca Vacca showing in Instagram his athletic body.

Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov, who recently celebrated its 65th anniversary, “called” dance fight which became popular in the social network Italian the millionaire Gianluca Vacca.

Male attracted users sports the perfect shapes and stunning body plastics, which is regularly demonstrated in his microblog. However, many Internet users have noticed that in Russia there is someone to make a healthy competition Gianluca Vacca, and was nominated for the title of a popular singer Oleg Gazmanov.

National artist at sixty-five is in brilliant form and can even surpass the millionaire in incendiary dance!

“Italian is good – stylish and shows an example of work on oneself. It is unclear why write that he “blew up” the Internet? When I was, like him, 49-year-old kid, and it did. But now at 65 I feel fine. True about me not writing what I there blew up in the network. We have enough men, on which you can write and show”, – said the singer Oleg Gazmanov.

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