Oleg Gazmanov offended by the older son

Олег Газманов обиделся на старшего сына Vocalist for a long time was shunned by the heir. Oleg Gazmanov could not accept the parody, which it did today. Star parent believed that it was not clearly shown in the broadcast of the popular show.
Олег Газманов обиделся на старшего сына

Two well-known musician, the father and the son, Oleg and Rodion Gazmanov this Sunday became heroes of the program of the First channel “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym. The performers welcomed the guest in the home of Rodion.

Father and son frankly told about their relationship. Rodion admitted that father held it in tight rein, forcing her to play sports. “Approach to the computer was only using the horizontal bar,” – said Gazmanov Jr.

But despite all efforts, the senior heir of Oleg Gazmanov is far from his physical form. This circumstance became a cause of conflict between father and son. Participating in the second season of the show “Toch-V-Toch”, Rodion Gazmanov showed Oleg Gazmanov. The young man made very popular in the 90-ies of the song “Esaul”. His father was among the audience and with a smile watched as Rodion trying to repeat difficult tricks, which are the numbers of Oleg Gazmanov. The speech of the son of the master was dissatisfied.

Олег Газманов обиделся на старшего сына“He didn’t speak to me for a month, well, two weeks, – with laughter remembers now the story of Rodion Gazmanov. – The fact that rondat was carried out by me technically not very correct”.

“I do not understand why he took this song,” a little disappointedly said Oleg Gazmanov.

“Not took, and gave, – said Rodion Gazmanov. – When I came in “Just a tee”, I immediately said I’m going to do a room with her father. I went to trapeze Studio and said, “I Want to learn how to do flips!” The coach looked at me and said, “how much time do you have?” – “A week and a half”. He replied: “are you brave”. After a couple of workouts I was sore in my legs, I could barely walk. But in the end, when dad had already left, the arbitrator told me to do rondat fine. And I did.”

Олег Газманов обиделся на старшего сына

This minor disagreement are unable to affect the relationship of the father and the son. By how the parties behaved during an interview with Yuri Nikolaev, it was apparent that Oleg and Rodion are great friends. They never tired of a joke and kind to sneer over each other.

Rodion Gazmanov gave to understand that with great respect for the work of the father. The young man flattering when fans at his concerts asking him to sing the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Officers”.

“Every time I explain to all that our family is not accepted to steal the spotlight from the older, – says Rodion. – I do not exclude that he will ever write a song about the country and the people living in it, because the first and second I love”.