Oleg Gazmanov has criticized the Beatles for the inability to play

Олег Газманов раскритиковал группу «The Beatles» за неумение играть

After Yuri Vine my two cents to the assessment of the creativity of Western rock stars put his colleague Oleg Gazmanov. Musician and composer believes that the legendary British band The Beatles could not play.

Recall that the words of Yuri Loza, said in the program “Salt” that the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin and their ilk could neither sing nor play musical instruments, has caused a misunderstanding among the Russian public. It was strange to hear from a man who is known only by its hit “the Raft”, written a few decades ago. According to Oleg Gazmanov, rose to protect the Vines, the jury assessed the activity of a particular group, and the creativity of Western rock bands in General.
“It’s not how pure they may take note or how well they played. Ringo Starr, for example, generally the drummer is not very good, Paul McCartney for him sometimes even the party was outplayed and did not hide it. Many bands at the time played and sang much better than The Beatles” — said Oleg, adding that the British rockers have just become revolutionaries in music, having played that before them no one did.

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