Oleg Gazmanov has an accident in the Perm region

Олег Газманов попал в аварию в Пермском крае The actor reported the accident. The incident occurred in Usolsky district. According to Gazmanov, their car failed wheels pit road. Fortunately, the situation has not changed plans of the singer, so the show in the region will take place.

Famous singer Oleg Gazmanov travels the country with a concert tour “My clear days”. Today he will hold a concert in Perm. Between the cities artist team often moves on the highways in the dark. Late last night Gazmanov got in an accident. According to Oleg, the problems with the road surface caused the accident.

“I am on the track “Usolye – Perm Krai”. Just got an accident. On the road from two pits – one armature sticking, broke both wheels. Everyone drive carefully”, – said the singer in the microblog, put up pictures, which can be considered what happened to the wheels of the car.

Fans worried about their favorite singer and I wish him to be careful. “Oleg, thanks for the warning! On Monday, the same expensive food.” “Oops. Well, that all went well. Good luck on the road!”, “On our roads is that the tank will pass!”, “With God! And that you avoided such a situation! Clear days” “Good that even without victims!” wrote the followers of the artist.

At the end of September Gazmanov has pleased fans of the new video for the song “Macho don’t cry”. The video turned out quite spectacular. Just a few days he presented the work in one of the capital’s schools. Oleg Gazmanov told like cry macho

“We are trying to do so that those people who come to the concert and listening to the radio got good songs,” – said Gazmanov.

Oleg admits that he gets tired during the tour and always in a hurry to return home to his beloved family. Sometimes the scammers are spreading the information about the cancellation of the performances of the contractor that gets in his reputation. Some fans even personally contact the representative of the musician to be assured that their tickets will not get lost.

“Fans sometimes recheck, whether there will be a concert, call. Sometimes you have to do two performances in the city. But the artist also needs to rest. Now a very intense tour,” said the agent Gazmanov “StarHit”.