Oleg Gazmanov had an accident

Олег Газманов попал в аварию

Recently Oleg Gazmanov reported the accident via his instagram account. The accident occurred Usolsky district. According to the artist, the wheels of his car hit pit road, which was punctured wheel. Fortunately, Gazmanov was not injured and the concert will take place in Perm on the plan.

Олег Газманов попал в аварию

At the moment Oleg Gazmanov travels around the country with his show “My clear days” and one night, moving on the highway the car got in an accident. Culprits was the pits in the road. One sticking valves, which struck the wheel of the car of the contractor. Today will be a concert in Perm as part of a tour. The contractor put the video on instagram, in which he told the details of the accident right from the scene. In the video you can see that the situation occurred in the evening. To the video he made of pictures where you can see what happened with the wheels of the car, as well as the exact location of the pits on the map.

“I am on the track “Usolye — Perm Krai”. Just got an accident. On the road from two pits — one armature sticking, broke both wheels. Everyone drive carefully,” warned its users in a social network Gazmanov.

Олег Газманов попал в аварию

Members appreciated the kind gesture of the singer, thanking him for such an appropriate warning, because many fans will go this way soon the next day. “Oleg, thanks for the warning! On Monday, the same expensive food.” “Oops. Well, that all went well. Good luck on the road!”, “On our roads is that the tank will pass!”, “With God! And that you avoided such a situation! Clear days” “Well, that although no casualties!” the fans write in the comments under the entry. Videos and pictures have more than 4 thousand likes. A little later the singer put up another video and a few photos where you can see the cause of the accident in a major form.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the contractor in full swing, because at the end of September, he shot a video for the song “Macho don’t cry”. His work Gazmanov presented in one of the institutions of the capital. The development of the clip took Director Sergey grey. He did a great job on the presentation, guests loudly applauded and asked again to let them enjoy the clip.

“We are trying to do so that those people who come to the concert and listening to the radio got good songs,” says Gazmanov about his work.

Despite the accident, the tour continues Gazmanov, although not rare, the criminals spread rumors about the cancellation of tours. “Fans sometimes recheck, whether there will be a concert, call. Sometimes you have to do two performances in the city. But the artist also needs to rest. Now a very intense tour,” says singer.