Oleg Gazmanov expressed everything he thinks about Olga Buzova

Олег Газманов высказал всё, что думает об Ольге Бузовой
The words of the singer caused outrage fans of the singer.

The city smells like in the spring ??? the scenes from the shooting of the clip #beremena ?? Fly? ?

A post shared by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) on Apr 15, 2018 at 2:46 am PDT

The “old guard” stars of the Russian show business is still hard to come to terms with the phenomenon of Olga Buzova. Starting to build a singing career just a year ago, now Olga is a welcome guest at any musical event. She has millions of fans that will buy tickets to her performances. Olga says that everything that she touches is doomed to success and it really is. She recently launched the release of its own currency. Earlier announced the opening of the restaurant. Web activities Buzova is growing every day.

Someone from authoritative colleagues Buzova, for example, Philip Kirkorov, took her into the company of pop stars. It also is good Kristina Orbakaite. In solidarity with them, and Stas Pieha. But Oleg Gazmanov not supported by enthusiastic colleagues. Recently, he spoke out sharply in the address of Olga, and along with the trendy rap artists, famous battles Versus.

“In our show business now many phenomena, ranging from Buzovni and ending with provocative rap battles. But all this can not even be called creativity — quotes Gazmanov kp.ru. I’m looking at all this through the eyes of his 14-year-old daughter, asking what she’s listening to. Here, for example, it player ILO Guf. They are doing something interesting. I like the rapper Basta, which connects different direction.”

Publication of Zapashny brothers about Buzova has caused a great resonance

This statement naturally caused a negative reaction from users of the Network. Those against Gazmanov, and soon moved on to his son. In social networks have been harshly criticized Philip (stepson of the artist). He was sentenced to a demonstration of a life of luxury. “Nothing, can only boast of expensive cars, bought for my dad’s account!” write him haters.