Oleg Gazmanov conquered “the dancing millionaire”

Олег Газманов покорил «танцующего миллионера» The highest rated hero of my October esters – an honorary citizen of the Internet, all-dancing Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacca, looking at training footage, Oleg Gazmanov, said: “this is awesome, especially when he is in the pool were doing. I, these exercises do and understand what work is behind it”.

      Олег Газманов покорил «танцующего миллионера»

      In response, the Russian singer said: “Gianluca – 49, I – 65, and when I, like he, was fifty-year-old kid, it still is not worked”.

      “The dancing millionaire” explained why not marry a friend

      Mama, the doctor-the cardiologist, knowing the health problems of his son, resisted exercise and insisted that Oleg enrolled in a music school. He secretly attended a gymnastics section, hiding in the case of a violin shape.

      All children, says the artist, see the angels, but over time forget their keepers. When his daughter Mariana was two, she often said that with her kind uncle with wings. The stories of girls Oleg Gazmanov filmed a video “Docha”.

      “Maybe the angels didn’t expect a small child so will detail these meetings,” smiles Oleg.

      Twice the singer was on the verge of life and death. In the speech in “Artek” gave him an ungrounded microphone. Blow was such force that Gazmanov fell, then said: “You understand of the Artek resident no current will not kill,” and lost consciousness. And in April 1998 the filming of the TV channel “TV-6. Moscow” artist sitting in the chair, hit the 200-pound decoration. With disappointing forecasts of doctors, he being a master of sports in gymnastics, fought in their own way. In the end of the special exercises with which Oleg Gazmanov performs on the Internet (especially popular recommendations against low back pain), gaining new and new fans.

      The eldest son of the artist, 35-year-old Rodion, who received a diploma from the Finance Academy, often a parody of the father. In the “Just exactly,” he managed to transform into the performer of the legendary “Captain”, which caused surprise even Leonid Yarmolnik.

      Олег Газманов покорил «танцующего миллионера»

      Youngest son of Philip (his father is the brother of the notorious Sergei Mavrodi) Oleg Gazmanov bans call adopted and raised as their own. Today 18-year-old boy studying in the Department of design at London’s Central Saint Martins, alumni of which was Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and John Galliano. Philip Gazmanov lives in the Dorm, tries himself as a model and takes the lead in the number of otdyhatelnoe in Instagram. The lessons of the father (when they rode together in the Elevator, then held the area until the last floor), it always remembers, so workout in the gym never misses.

      Олег Газманов покорил «танцующего миллионера»

      Wife Marina believes his greatest sense of humor and romantic. On every anniversary, the artist has arranged for the beloved by the whole idea, after which they often Board the plane and find ourselves on the most beautiful beaches in the world. The first thing she hears, waking up in the morning: “Who are you?”

      This year a series of commemorative concerts of Oleg Gazmanov began in September of Sochi, in the musical contest of young performers of contemporary music “New wave”. Songs from the repertoire of the singer was performed by the brightest stars of our pop music, and his new hit “When I’m 65” the audience sang along.

      Олег Газманов покорил «танцующего миллионера»