Oleg Gazmanov “at war” with his teenage daughter

Олег Газманов «воюет» со своей дочерью-подростком Famous actor and his wife are going through a very difficult period of growing up Marianne. Heiress people’s artist gets older and now quarrel with their parents, demanding freedom. So Oleg Gazmanov sometimes you have to give her daughter, but with restrictions.

      Олег Газманов «воюет» со своей дочерью-подростком

      12-year-old heiress Oleg Gazmanov Marianne, the youngest child of the honored artist, by his own admission, a very creative nature. The girl goes to school with a theatrical bias, where, besides the basic General subjects, learning acting skills, the history of jazz music and theater, as well as learn how to do makeup. Marianne is delighted with his education, despite severe pressure. In addition, the daughter of the popular singer has many Hobbies — playing guitar, snowboarding, foreign languages, singing. Marianne is also involved in the famous “Todes” in the directions of hip-hop and breakdancing.

      But in the education of Marianne sometimes difficulties arise. The girl that just entered puberty, began to demonstrate the character of the famous dad and his wife, economist Marina Muravieva, Gazmanova. Between Marianne and her parents occasionally have quarrels. Such a difficult period in a child’s development requires increased attention on the part of a loving family.

      Therefore, Oleg Gazmanov, which had brought Marian to the extent that he tries to keep daughter’s eyes, to prevent any unacceptable, in his opinion, things. For example, the singer denies the girl to dye your hair in blue color — the Gazmanov believes that it is ugly and should not spoil their natural data. And this is only a small part of the possible topics for debate between Marianne and her parents. The child, according to the artist, is changing right before our eyes. And physiologically, and psychologically. Marianne to prove their point of view, the parents resort to education by explaining that they try not to raise the girl voice.

      Олег Газманов «воюет» со своей дочерью-подростком

      On the other hand, the Gazmanov understands that it is impossible to keep her daughter “a tight grip”. Sometimes you need to give her vital freedom, but only within certain limits. In the opinion of the famous artist, otherwise, the girl can really blossom,and she already “impudent redhead girl,” said the singer Sobesednik.ru.

      Recall that Marianne is the only daughter of Oleg Gazmanov. Besides her, he has a 34-year-old son from his first marriage, Rodion and 18-year-old stepson Phillip. They both love music — sing a lot, on stage. Philip previously was in the group “Neposedy”, and Rodion left a successful career in Finance and started to work. As said the Gazmanov with his sons, much easier than with my daughter. Them sighs the artist, and Snitch, but the girl wouldn’t do that, it requires careful handling.

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