Oleg Gazmanov and his family were detained at the border in Italy

Олега Газманова с семьей задержали на границе в Италии
The wife of the singer said about the inconsiderate communication of the Italian customs.

Oleg Gazmanov with wife Marina

Photo: Instagram.com

Oleg Gazmanov with his wife and daughter passed the inspection of personal belongings the Italian customs control. Family vacation singer started with a minor note: security personnel detained a Russian contractor to check Luggage. About the incident told the wife Gazmanov Marina. She stated that they were treated rudely and inconsiderately. A thorough inspection of machined and their minor daughter Marianne.

“No time to get the suitcases as we immediately sent for inspection to the police. I have never seen so thoroughly searched. You were looking for? — can’t understand the wife Gazmanov. — Young Italian on the Italian unceremoniously dumped Oleg phrase, they say give him gloves out of the closet so he wouldn’t dirty our bags. Oleg didn’t blink, sternly and silently watched to squeeze our things on the table.

Marianne went with our friends for the customs, I was told to bring her back. When I went after her , and she tried to go back, already the carabinieri had staged this whole fur fly at the entrance, it’s impossible. Ultimately, the two instances figured out, Marianne was searched as carefully. I tried to take the phone to call the taxi driver that we were expected for a long time. But the officer grabbed my phone. What they were looking for, who knows? It was an accident, new rules in Italy, tell me? Of course, they are disappointed nothing was found, then a long time he added something into the computer. The feeling of holiday and celebration disappeared. I would like to believe that this is an isolated case!”

Recently Oleg has told that cannot sell or rent or to move into an apartment in Jurmala. In 2014, Latvia banned for an artist and since the apartment is “hanging”, as for official registration of papers on real estate require his personal presence.