Олег Даль писал жене пронзительные любовные письма
In the archives of Lisa Dahl discovered letters from a famous actor, filled with sincere feeling.


The personal fate of Oleg dal is replete with sharp turns. The actor was uncompromising, harsh and closed even from friends man. Dissatisfaction with themselves, others, roles that played often would take it out on loved ones. Given the addiction Dahl to alcohol, life with it is called easy language does not turn. It is amazing to read the letters Oleg Ivanovich to his wife Lisa, with whom they lived for 10 years, until the death of the actor in 1981.

“On the morning of this day, wandering along the yellow leaves covering the ground growing cold, thinking of you with great longing, writes the wife of Oleg Dal. Perfect because it was light. I have at heart the well and calmly because in my mind you are. My mood is quiet and serene. Share it with you generous as autumn. Quietly and gently I embrace you and barely touch your face, kiss and breathe through your eyes. Don’t know what love is. Not sure how to understand this designation of a certain feeling or sense. But it seems to me, I feel something extraordinary, like a child waiting for revival after new year’s eve. The air smells of mandarins, Christmas tree, plush rabbits, and I want as much as possible not to open your eyes…”

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