Older children Oksana Samoilova help her with the baby

Старшие дети Оксаны Самойловой помогают ей с малышкой Little girls celebrity vengeance babysit the sister. Oksana Samoilov continues to share the details of everyday life for mothers and tells how difficult it is to educate three heiresses.

Recently, April 27, Oksana Samoilov became a mother for the third time. Already the first of may happy woman was at home with his family. Throughout pregnancy and the first days of motherhood, the wife of rap artist Djigan regularly shared in the microblog photos and movies of life.

Recently Oksana has shared with the followers touching photograph her three daughters. Older girls often sit next to the crib Maya and touching watching sister. Oksana Samoilova first told about newborn daughter

“Dangerous nurses! Everyone is trying to feed a little candy and gift toys. Leah is still very concerned with the question: “why is Maya so much sleep?” And she always wants to Wake up. Worries, of course, increased, but they are so nice!” – signed photo in his microblog Oksana.

Publication in a matter of minutes scored hundreds of thousands of “likes” and comments. Members were delighted with the pet, and many have begun to give advice about large families motherhood. “They’re so cute! What is happiness!”, “What a lovely photo! Three little sisters!”, “It looks like happiness!”, “Little Princess!” – wrote heartfelt comments in the followers of the star.

Fans still worried about Oksana’s condition, because during the birth she had to undergo surgery. The woman had a caesarean section. However, judging by its publications, the star feels great.

In the family of Oksana and her husband Dzhigan older three daughters: Ariel, Leah and newborn Maya. Interestingly, with the advent of another child’s time for Oksana to be even less than before. Despite this, women are absolutely not worried and is confident that it will be able to combine all the classes, not paying attention to loved ones. This approach is admired by the followers of a woman, and inspires many to plan for children, because Oksana has consistently demonstrated how great it is to be a mother to three lovely girls.