Old Natasha Queen to retire

Постаревшую Наташу Королеву отправили на пенсию
Detractors criticize the appearance of the singer.

Natasha Koroleva on the eve successfully performed in Pushkin. After the concert, the artist team went to the local tavern to celebrate the successful performance. Ahead of Natasha waited a long move to another city, so she allowed herself to relax a little. The actress filmed a video in social networks about how she liked the place where she was resting after the concert.

Footage from the pub has sparked criticism of detractors. Perhaps affected by fatigue and can be bad lighting, but the Queen looked on the record is not so impressive, as usual. Critics called the pop star “old” and sent her into retirement. For Natasha stood up fans who don’t gave a favorite star in the offense. “Natasha just need to get some sleep. Looks tired”, “Older? Yes, you are taking care of yourself! The Queen looks great”, “leave her alone! Satisfied and happy”, “just Tired… You people never get tired?” — protect Natasha fans.

Recall that recently the Queen came to the shooting of Comedy Club in the new image that it has noticeably aged. Then fashion round sunglasses visually added 44-year-old star of the decade. However, Natasha is not complex due to its appearance and pays no attention to the criticism of fans.