Old Jim Carrey scared for their kind of fans

Постаревший Джим Керри напугал своим видом поклонников

On his page on the social network Twitter Hollywood actor Jim Carrey has congratulated its subscribers with Easter and has posted a photo, on which, however, artist it is difficult to know. A gray bearded old man a little like a man that recently we’ve seen Jim.

“Happy Easter. Or Passover. Or something that will give you heat on this day!” — congratulated Jim its subscribers on the occasion.
“I’m five minutes looking over the photos, until I realized that it was Jim Carrey” wrote one of our subscribers, and many supported him. It is unknown, launched the actor, or preparing for a new role.
We will remind that more recently, the artist name mentioned in the context of the suicide of his former lover Katrina Waits, who killed herself shortly after parting with the artist. And a year after her suicide, the girl’s mother filed a lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of bringing her daughter to death. According to mother of Catriona, Jim had infected her with a venereal disease, and then also accused of womanizing. Soon the couple broke up, and Whites, taking a large dose of medicines, Kerry, died.