«Постарела»: поклонники разочарованы внешностью Юлии Высоцкой
Discussing the changed artist.

Julia Vysotskaya

Photo: @Instagram juliavysotskayaofficial Julia Vysotskaya

Julia has a unique style and always looks flawless. However, mistakes happen at all. Recently, the actress posted photos, disappointing her fans.

Black-and-white photo, which appeared in the account of Julia, she’s nothing like his former self. Vysotskaya, according to fans, was a copy of… his 80-year-old husband, Andrei Konchalovsky, that can not be taken as a compliment. “What are your plans for tonight? Thursday rehearsal, and after going to see “Alice” at the second stage theatre,” she shared with followers in the signature. Many of you wrote to Julia about the similarities with her husband, but she ignored the unflattering comments of fans. At the same time, to protect Vysotskaya made netizens who saw her new image features grace Kelly.

“Julia, You are here very similar to your spouse! No wonder they say that husband and wife become similar in appearance”, “Konchalovsky in the female form, Very similar to her husband, very much. On this photo it is clearly seen,” “Like grace Kelly back,” write Julia.

Recently Vysotsky, by the way, revealed the secret of his perfect figure. According to her, she’s not on a special diet, but her life is discipline. “I eat everything. Everything is possible, that’s my word, everything! But in moderation, and knowing when and what to combine!” — recently told Julia.