“Old and ugly”: Gluk’oza justified for the look

«Старая и страшная»: Глюк'оZа оправдалась за внешний вид
Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova reacted calmly to criticism.

Photo: Instagram

Suddenly a lot of criticism was received by the singer Gluk’oza after publication in Instagram your photo is quite innocent. Usually the star blamed for the fact that she was “too naked”, “too much makeup”, “too bad singing”, “too good living” and so on. And then, seemingly just a typical portrait of a completely dressed man, wearing makeup in moderation and skillfully.

But, alas, it is impossible to please everyone. Subscribers stars immediately told her that she was “old”, “terrible”, “awful looks”, “like a grandmother”, “how Gurchenko”, “how old Gurchenko”, “presenter”, “like 50 years”.

Usually the singer doesn’t pay attention to people’s comments, but this time decided to answer. Gluk’oza published in the “stories” video, which turned to the subscribers.

“Hello, my darlings! I read your comments to the last post. And I’m old and wrinkly, and Gurchenko similar (incidentally, I am very pleased). What can I say? Well, it is!”

Natasha is not going to stop their experiments with the style despite the criticism. She knows what looks good, but without makeup she did never will and 25. On the screen it often appears without makeup in “natural form” can be seen on its own Youtube channel, where Chistyakova-Ionova has a blog about beauty.