Oksana Strunkina said about receiving Russian citizenship

Оксана Стрункина рассказала о получении российского гражданства
Not so long ago in the network appeared information about the fact that the star of the project Dom-2 Oksana Strunkina lives below the poverty line.

Оксана Стрункина рассказала о получении российского гражданства

A few weeks ago, the network appeared the information that ex-member House-2 Oksana Strunkina left without a livelihood.

Оксана Стрункина рассказала о получении российского гражданства

Supposedly she’s so bad that there is nothing to feed beloved son, and she Oksana “interrupted” on dubious earnings.

Оксана Стрункина рассказала о получении российского гражданства

But yesterday, March 25, Oksana Strunkin turned 32, and in her blog, she decided to talk about how to really sum her personal life and what she wants.

“Every birthday is a kind of milestone, when I want to think, look around and think that if you way to go, what you’ve accomplished to what you aspire, what goals do you set for next year. Because my birthday is the beginning of a new year, my personal year.

And you know, I’m happy. Truly feminine on the inside when burning eyes and the soul sings.

I have a beautiful home, in which I create warmth and comfort. Near me the best man. I love and loved. We grows a charming boy, whom you all know well. He never ceases to surprise and delight me with his antics and new skills.

Soon I will have Russian citizenship.

I set a goal to lose weight for the season of light skirts and dresses and confident to go to it. I’ve lost 5 kg I’m right and tasty to eat and take care of themselves.

I develop your blog. It is becoming more and more popular. Every day the number of my readers increased by 100 or more people. I get from you great feedback via comments and on live broadcasts. Like everyone, I have dreams. I strive to be the leading one of the Top TV channels. And I want to travel, to visit Thailand and Cyprus, France and India…

Thank YOU, my dear readers, you have me there!”.

Judging by the positive attitude, it’s not so bad. So don’t believe everything that is written. It is better to look at the Paparazzi.ru, or in a personal blog star : )

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