Oksana Stashenko saves husband

Оксана Сташенко спасает мужа
To help the star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” came to Chinese medicine.

Оксана Сташенко спасает мужа

Oksana Stashenko

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Оксана Сташенко спасает мужа

Oksana Stashenko husband Vladislav

Photo: from personal archive of Oksana Stashenko

Tour in Siberia with a performance of “Seychelles” will be remembered
Oksana Stashenko not only travel in picturesque places, but also a strong
cold her husband, which he contracted during one of the excursions.

“We had a few free days between performances
we decided to spend the maximum benefit and see
attractions in Irkutsk region, — has told 7days.ru Oksana. — Visited
Warm lakes. But they are not warm, one name. And is so named
because warmer mountain rivers and lake Baikal. After this trip, my husband Vlad and

Status Vladislav Mines was so
critical that night I had to find a duty pharmacy to buy medicine. “Thank you
more administrators of our hotel, which immediately found me a car.”

Marina Yakovleva Oksana Stashenko

Photo: from personal archive of Oksana Stashenko

For three days she managed to make her husband
almost healthy. “I think that he helped him all the same Chinese
drugs, which are always with me. All kinds of ointments, pills, drops, tablets,
every time I bring them to this country. Still, Chinese medicine works
wonders! But I think, in order to restore health, we with Vlad is better
just to go after touring for real Seychelles, not
only play with the same name,” said Stashenko.