Oksana Skakun felt ill on stage

Оксана Скакун почувствовала себя плохо на сцене
The actress of the series “Streets of broken lamps” Oksana Skakun currently feels bad.

Оксана Скакун почувствовала себя плохо на сцене

She began to have health problems.

Before the premiere with Oksana in the lead role, she had to resort to the help of doctors.

The cause of sickness may be problems in his personal life.

“Due to the large number of rehearsals, I’m too little to have a rest, – told the Horse. – Fatigue so accumulated that during a recent run I felt sick and I almost lost consciousness. Had to call an ambulance… the Doctors arrived, gave me a shot and sent home to rest.”

Recall that the actress had to endure a difficult divorce.

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