Oksana Skakun became the owner of the yacht for 15 million

Оксана Скакун стала обладательницей яхты за 15 миллионов
Recent months to popular actress Oksana Skakun was not easy.

Оксана Скакун стала обладательницей яхты за 15 миллионов

The star was out with the ex-lover and father of her daughter William.

But at a recent film festival Kinotavr Oksana flashed beauty and stunning views. As we found out, the actress’s new novel, and obviously she is very happy.

“She had a boyfriend, told a friend of the actress. – Oksana not seen in his company, riding on the boat. This man, Alexander, was her fan, who has seen all the movies with her participation, and even specially arrived on “Kinotavr”, to watch the premiere of the film “it’ll be over Soon”. A month ago, he met her, and now they communicate.

He is so enamored with Oksana, one evening said that he decided to give her the very yacht on which they ride. It is, of course, was amazed by such a generous gift, but, on reflection, replied the suitor, in Moscow or St. Petersburg yacht her no good and she better stays in Sochi, and to wait for her. Now Oksana cherish the thought that any day it can break and Primate to his fan to go with him on a romantic walk to the open sea… Given Moscow weather, I think, a desire to return in the summer to have her just a few days after she would return to the capital…”

Let’s hope in a new relationship, Oksana will be able to find happiness.

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