Оксана Самойлова была вынуждена отказаться от подруг ради мужа
Popular rapper djigan have many years of happy marriage with Oksana Samoilova.

Оксана Самойлова была вынуждена отказаться от подруг ради мужа

Oksana is an active user of the Network and often shares with fans new photos from the daily life and his thoughts. She recently published a post in which talked about the relationship with her husband.

Оксана Самойлова была вынуждена отказаться от подруг ради мужа

“When I look at my friends who are not married, I can clearly see one thing in common their nature) they are not “women are homemakers”. They are purposeful, cheerful, beautiful, make yourself, etc. But they don’t feel feminine: gentleness, sensitivity, the ability to create comfort around me, the ability to be a man, every man have their own rules and their own vision of the family) my like does to let me out alone (for safety purposes and not only))) our family is strictly forbidden wife walking (sitting in the restaurant, etc.) alone/with friends )) option individual home is generally beyond our reality))) when my husband 10 years ago, first reported the news – that I haven’t been able to meet, hang out, walk, etc. without it – was a scandal)) I felt so disadvantaged and firmly protested)) I remember I went somewhere contrary to his decision) then there was a scandal to the moon and back)) and then I realized: fuck I need it?)) I clearly knew that I wanted to be with her future husband/realized that all my “friends” is a temporary /realized that discord in our future family actually out of the blue / undermine the confidence of her future husband and spend our total nerve cells)) was very careful and obeyed)) since then we are happy for 10 years)) I continue to take its decisions (after giving 1001 Board) then solutions like both of us)) In General, this I mean that it is not necessary to be manufactured)) learn to be married),” said Oksana.

It is worth noting that the couple grow three charming daughters, and the youngest only a year old.

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