Oksana Samoilova needed medical care

Оксане Самойловой понадобилась помощь медиков Djigan wife is concerned about health. Oksana Samoilov shared with subscribers “Instagram” disturbing news. She had to go to the clinic because of worsening allergies.
Оксане Самойловой понадобилась помощь медиков

Wife of popular rapper Djigan, Oksana Samoylova published in a microblog entry in which he admitted that trying to deal with allergies. On pictures of young woman captured in the company of the daughter of Leah, so followers are wondering, one of them appeared uncomfortable symptoms. The celebrity said that to solve the problem was forced to turn to the experts.

Оксане Самойловой понадобилась помощь медиков

Fans of the designer are regularly praised darling for his ability to combine health care and appearance and raising three daughters. Many users of social networks interested, where Samoilov takes so much effort and energy to numerous concerns. Recently, the star posted in Instagram post in which she admitted that she has to sacrifice a lot to time to deal with heirs. In addition, she advised the girls without children come to grips with the career in order not to lose time for self-realization.

“So much of any proposals received, as many apparently profitable projects, and I’m afraid to make a step towards them. And all the kids, all because being a mom as something more important. And ambitions stifled… the Only thing that stands between me and “Forbes” which is the time that I spend on their babies. Girls, not yet mothers, do not miss not a single opportunity to realize themselves, to experience or to grab a good project. Your hands are untied, you’re free to make decisions, not depending on the snot in your favorite spout. And spend all of their time for the benefit of the future,” wrote Samoilov.

Spouse Dzhigan also stressed that being a mom more than a career, because with the advent children free time for yourself and rest no longer remains. Members of the young woman hastened to support her, leaving a lot of comments under the post with kind words and wishes. In addition, they admitted that concerned about the pet need to go to the doctors.

“I agree with you completely! When the kids are small, then whole life revolves around them! But if the child does not have siblings, then his life at all anymore! But your girl is a miracle!” “You are so good! Really hard to be a mom, especially when babies are sick. And what kind of allergic Leah?”, “Oksanochka, I saw your post worried! Do any of you allergic to? How else treat her? Doing the right thing by immediately to health health is the most important! Once you have all the time… I Admire the amount of your energy and effort! An example to follow!” – supported idol fans.