Oksana Samoilov showed the face of a younger child

Оксана Самойлова показала лицо младшего ребенка Dzhigan with the family resting in the Maldives. The wife of the artist published online the where holding a six-month-old baby Maya. Fans of the couple are now wondering who looks like the daughter of the artist.
Оксана Самойлова показала лицо младшего ребенка

Djigan and Oksana six months ago became parents to a charming third daughter Maya. Celebrity couple hid the girl’s face in the photographs, but yesterday the wife of rapper finally pleased fans of a photo with the baby on hands.

“Maya. Don’t try to figure out what she looks like, because from the side do not like the front. Cheeks all overlap, and soon so will show you,” said Samoylov to the fans.

Long time fans wanted to see the portrait of the third daughter of Djigan Maya. The entire pregnancy, the wife of the singer actively shared with fans the news about the interesting position. Followers sent large mother hundreds of questions, wanting to know when the light will be a child, also they were interested in the gender of your baby. When Oksana gave birth to a third daughter, netizens saw the long-awaited scene from the perinatal center, were flooded Samoylova congratulations. They noted that in the domestic show business do not often see strong families with children. Also fans constantly admire a woman and her reverent attitude to the princesses: Ariel, Leah and Maya.

With the advent of another child in the family Dzhigan, time for yourself Oksana is very little. Despite this, Samoilov’s not worried and is confident that it will be comfortable to rest along with three heirs. In addition, large mother has already told fans that no longer attends parties.

“It’s almost not remember what it was like to leave home later than 22 hours, which is not fun in the company of children and look like night clubs. My thoughts are not about that, although sometimes, of course, want to go somewhere. Once I have enough years on the floor for sure – I’m grandma. Interestingly, the mother of three children do have a moral right to go to clubs and to party as if nothing had happened?” – said Oksana fans.

It is worth noting that the wife Dzhigan in a short time came in the same form and continues to improve his body, surprising users of the Network.