Oksana Samoilov showed a flat stomach after childbirth

Оксана Самойлова показала плоский живот после родов The wife of rapper Dzhigan struck a slender figure. Fans of Oksana samoylovoy not get tired to admire the fact that she returned to normal weight. A young woman posted a fresh photograph and the image taken during pregnancy, for comparison.

April 27, wife of rapper Dzhigan Oksana Samoilova became a mother for the third time. She gave her husband the third daughter that happy parents named Maya. During the pregnancy the young woman was trying to watch my weight and exercise. After the delivery she tried quickly to come into shape. Recently she boasted a brilliant result, she showed that her stomach after giving birth was completely flat. Samoilov compared the before and after photo of daughter born.

“That’s what can happen to a person for almost three weeks,” wrote the wife of Djigan in the microblog.

Fans were delighted with such amazing weight-loss results. They admired the strength of will that she has shown during pregnancy – trying not to gain weight and exercise. The followers had stopped Samoylova questions, as she was able to quickly restore the form.

“If you pay attention to the hands and face, it becomes clear that Oksana during pregnancy is not so gained, except, of course, tummy. It is important not to rastiratsa plus, of course, the absence of chronic diseases and good genetics”, “Does not change during pregnancy. Don’t see the extra pounds, such thin arms and legs. The only change is the absence of the abdomen. I understand when girls actually get fat during pregnancy, and then as it was, and is, slim in itself”, “You’re a big lad and a role model in the love of himself,” expressed admiration for the subscribers.

Fans also amazed that all of Oksana manages to raise three kids, pay attention to business and take care of yourself to look beautiful. 29-year-old woman admitted that recourse to the services of nannies, and accepts help only from relatives. Older children Oksana Samoilova help her with the baby

“Two weeks ago, it seemed so difficult with two children. Now, when the little is asleep and there were two, I think I almost relaxing. With the nurses we have adds up the last month and a half. Good grandparents help. But they’re tired already. And I’m not suicidal,” wrote Samoilov.