Oksana Samoilov released daughters from school

Оксана Самойлова освободила дочерей от школы
This year Oksana Samoilova with Dzhiganom and three daughters missed the first of September.

Оксана Самойлова освободила дочерей от школы

At the moment, the star couple is in America, where everyone is waiting for a deadly hurricane. Oksana says that in the shops the nightmare:

Оксана Самойлова освободила дочерей от школы

“A few days is the birthday of Leah )) I already said that everything went according to plan ))but now everything is according to plan in square)) we wanted to make it a small celebration on her birthday,but now these days are planned hurricane-category 3)) and it seems the only fun we get is that canned food by candlelight)) the whole island was Packed,all the shutters were closed ,the water to buy in the shops is not possible,entered emergency mode )))the husband is developing a plan for our salvation and says we need a boat to take))) Leah says that we need gifts in a hurry to buy, and then not make it. Maya and I are worried only about the food, and the Ariel refines, and be sure that she won’T be able to do homework in the dark)) so now we are preparing for the holiday, but for the hurricane)))”.

Оксана Самойлова освободила дочерей от школы

And then there’s the birthday of the middle daughter Leia.

“Leia Stormborn celebrates its birthday in a hurricane))) very symbolic)))
Oh our storm fizzy cherry)))you’re torturing our nerves for 5 years )) the most fun, interesting and challenging 5 years of our life))) like recently I’d stick your little fingers out of sockets,pulling you out of every second of puddles and almost every day I washed the handles with your sweet face)))and I want to do it again))) I wish that you were ALWAYS so direct,emotional and true))) if it were possible to stop time I would stop it now))) but you have your whole life ahead of you ,lots of strength and energy for new ideas, which I’m afraid in advance))) We love you very much))there are adorable)))and every day we thank God for such an extraordinary gift:for the fact that you have a)))) you are the coolest person I know )))”,

– written by Oksana Samoylova September 3, the day of the 5th anniversary of Leah.

Оксана Самойлова освободила дочерей от школы

And in conclusion, said that children left College:

“For the first time beginning of September, we are not at home) congratulations to all students and their parents with the beginning of the school year))) 1(2)September is always kind and cool)))is not something that then )) all mothers patience, all your pupils an easy study, but it will not be easy so better force )) Yes))”.

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