Oksana Samoilov outraged by the accusations against her daughter

Оксана Самойлова возмущена обвинениями в адрес дочери Subscribers Djigan wife believe that she too pampers baby. Oksana Samoilov on the contrary admits that her daughter is growing at a moderate severity.

      Оксана Самойлова возмущена обвинениями в адрес дочери

      Oksana Samoilov is one of those young mothers, who do not spare any means to make their children look beautiful. Djigan wife does not hide that dresses up daughter Arielle, like a doll.

      Girl goes to kindergarten and in my free time attending educational classes. From home she leaves before making sure it looks the way it should. For example, the baby refuses to tuck a sweater into leggings, because it’s not fashionable.

      The story of Okasana tastes his daughter’s Instagram caused a lot of confusion among her fans. “At the parade… Now leggings don’t cut it… All gorgeous, all luxuriously”, – with irony commented on one podistica. “You are too spoiled child,” echoed her other.

      It should be noted that in the caption to the next photo Samoylov replied once to anyone who criticized her daughter for being too spoiled. “Stop writing this heresy about the fact that beautiful clothing deprives a child of childhood and about the fact that my children will grow up spoiled, because I dress up. My children are growing up in a moderate strictness, and even in a head does not come, that because of your upbringing suggest some of the commentators,” wrote Oksana.

      We will remind that not so long ago mother of a four-year Ariely and polutorogodovaloy LEU became a designer of children’s clothing. “For girls two to eight years, for two little boys, eight years old, a little, because I don’t understand how boys dress. And generally decorate them. Soon catch up novohrodivka, 0-24 months. In the fall will shape up to fifth grade. All in the style of my daughters. Mature, but not too much. Sweet, but not sugary. There are almost no bows. And a lot of black,” – said Oksana subscribers about the content of your future store.

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