Оксана Самойлова обвинила звездных блогеров в продажности On Friday, the family of rapper Dzhigan celebrated a double holiday. A year ago on my birthday, the wife of the artist Oksana Samoilov gave him a charming third daughter Maya. The couple decided not to roll up a noisy party until the morning. Samoilov has explained the reasons for its decision.
Оксана Самойлова обвинила звездных блогеров в продажности

27 APR Oksana Samoilova and her adorable daughter Maya celebrated a birthday. The wife of rapper Dzhigan turned 30, and its successor is now a year old. For this reason the choice of the contractor has arranged a dinner with family and friends. Happy Maya blew out the candles on a huge cake of white and pink under the applause of those present.

Numerous followers Samoilova and Dzhigan family congratulated them and wished them all the best. The next day Oksana shared his emotions from the celebration of important dates. According to lady Dzhigan, they decided not to make a big party and invited only the closest. The brunette explained that he feared to let into your life strangers.

“I’m not one of those who likes to call the crowd for the crowd, to be friends with everyone, to (Instagram) and thought that you all love. And then grieve with grief to the whole country (on Instagram) about how terribly you’ve been betrayed. Moreover, I’m not friends with anyone who has subscribers. The people behind the huskies for hype and PR ready just for all, I’m afraid of them and not tell, in such hands, the truth you said or cozy up in the hope of a mark. Well, you understand my level of paranoia about those whom we pass to his family,” – said Samoilov.

To publish Oksana has provoked a strong discussion. Internet users found that the wife Dzhigan hurt specific people and media started to call the names of those who Samoilova could not develop a relationship. So, someone thought that the wife of the rapper have responded negatively about Olga Buzova, which is very active on Instagram. For others, she was not referring to less popular social networks, TV presenter Xenia Borodin.

Followers Samoilova also began to share their own thoughts about whether or not to give wide publicity to all events of his private life. “We invited to the wedding only relatives, I do not like showing off”, “I Fully support! We also have only the best. Even do not have to call, they will come to congratulate”, “Well said, we should invite those who you are friends with and who you know,” – commented on the Internet.

Recall that in April last year, the wife of rapper Dzhigan has become a large mum. In addition to the lovely Maya, the couple are raising six-year-old Ariel and three year old Leah.