Оксана Самойлова пожаловалась на характер дочери
Model Oxana Samoylova trying to be as candid with their fans and often tells what is happening in her life.

Оксана Самойлова пожаловалась на характер дочери

The recent statement by Oksana shocked her fans. She called her eldest daughter a tattletale and complained of its complicated nature, thinking, and generally whether raising daughters.

Оксана Самойлова пожаловалась на характер дочери

“How complicated the process of education))) by Ariel we have a Snitch and selfish))) Leia thought, Ariel is already running to knock at his sister))) Leia just a unique person – you see everything)) very lucky parents whose children have “no significant stocks”)), we have its deeply day and night)) I always worry that our kind of bulldozer))) and like the others I do not know)) it seems that everyone’s ideal)) it is annoying))”, said Samoilov.

Recall that Oksana and her husband Dzhigan three children grow up, and now the whole family is on vacation in the Canary Islands.

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