Оксана Самойлова назвала дочь «стукачом» The wife of rapper Dzhigan spoke about the shortcomings of their children. Oksana Samoilova, thinking how different her growing older daughters, said that one of them brings his sister. Mother of many children having a hard time with this.
Оксана Самойлова назвала дочь «стукачом»

Rapper djigan and Oksana Samoilova parents. The couple are raising three girls – the eldest Ariel summer turns 7, the average Leah will soon be celebrating its 4th anniversary, and Maya in April celebrated the first birthday.

Oksana businesswoman and a popular blogger, she often shares with subscribers his impressions, tells and shows how to work, rest and makes the body in the gym.

In the photo, which Samoylova published in Instagram, the lives of her children seems magical. Mother in perfect physical form, girls in beautiful clothes and every month, in warm areas, on the background of the azure sea.

However, but so simple as it seems. Oksana made a surprise announcement – it turns out that she does not think their children are perfect. Moreover, the wife of ascenta whether in jest, whether seriously named his eldest Snitch.

“How complicated the process of education. Ariel we have a Snitch and selfish. Leia thought, Ariel is already running to knock at his sister. Leia just a unique person, you see everything. Very lucky parents whose children have “no significant stocks.” We have their schemit day and night. I’ve always worried that our such the bulldozer. And like the others, I don’t know. It seems that everyone’s ideal. It’s annoying” – Frank wrote Samoilov.
Оксана Самойлова назвала дочь «стукачом»

Members supported the excited mother. Many fans of the blogger Samoilova have noticed that Leia is a very active and possibly older sister only warns the mother about the “possible danger”. “Maybe it’s better that Ariel knocks on your sister? You never know what Leica has planned, but you and your husband will always be on the alert”, “Ariel just a perfectionist and good, and Leah hooligan, this is the older her and builds. Grow up, learn to communicate differently. Excellent you girls”, “Perfect children is a legend, created by parents,” she wrote to her followers.

Oksana once said that wanted to be a mom of two girls and one boy. “But given that the character Lei as a boy, then in principle all the rules, if not much to understand,” the wife of Djigan.