Oksana Samoilov became children’s designer

Оксана Самойлова стала детским дизайнером The wife of rapper Djigan came up with the original clothes. Oksana Samoilov decided to create outfits for toddlers and older children. Interestingly, the businesswoman tries to deviate from the usual colors and styles.

      Оксана Самойлова стала детским дизайнером

      In the family of a popular rapper Djigan and his wife Oksana Samoilova now grow two daughters, four-year-old Ariel and Leah polutorogodovaloy. Many fans admire the children of the star couple, and especially as a young mother dresses up babies. Oksana was able to find your creativity and realize their potential as a designer. Apparently, a source of inspiration for creating children’s clothing collections have become her daughter. Interestingly, the main feature of the dresses will be color. Oksana is trying to use gentle or vivid colors, but also dark.

      “For girls two to eight years, for two little boys, eight years old, a little, because I don’t understand how boys dress. And generally decorate them. Soon catch up novohrodivka, 0-24 months. In the fall will shape up to fifth grade. All in the style of my daughters. Mature, but not too, sweet, but not sugary. There are almost no bows. And a lot of black,” – said Oksana subscribers.

      Fans were delighted that Oksana is not only a devoted mother of two children, caring wife, but still a creative person and a successful business woman. Many supported the idea of the wife of musician and look forward to the appearance of the collection on sale. Pleased subscribers and that soon they will have the opportunity to choose clothes in the style in which you dress up the Ariel and Leah.

      “Excellent. Clever. Looking forward, in anticipation of a wonderful. Form to school only in the fall? In August I would like to buy already – first time in first class,” “Expect, really. And the ruffles and the color pink with two girls already in the throat”, “Oksana, please, more for boys. Their dress, even very,” he started to advise subscribers.

      Oksana is now in full swing busy preparing for the launch of his first children’s collection. As models for the photoshoot she chose, of course, their daughters. But, as reported by Samoilov, to work with their own children was not so simple. Oksana told subscribers that little Leah behaved like a real brat. According to the novice designer, the daughter kept trying to smash the scenery to shoot. Despite the difficulties, the first pictures is very pleased fans of the star couple. They noted that girls has grown significantly and become real beauties.

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