Oksana Lavrenteva married

Оксана Лаврентьева вышла замуж A businesswoman and her partner, writer Alexander Tsypkin, got married. The celebration took place in the suburbs. The bride was in white and the groom in a tuxedo. Lovers congratulated close friends Ksenia Sobchak, Nika Belotserkovskaya, Polina Kitsenko and many others.
Оксана Лаврентьева вышла замуж

General Director of “Rusmoda”, which in particular belongs to another fashion brand, 40-year-old Oksana Lavrenteva and 42-year-old writer Alexander Tsypkin married in the city of Barvikha. In a solemn ceremony, the lovers exchanged rings and said “Yes” to each other.

However, the bride, after the Registrar asked the main question, for some time hesitated and stretched, “Well…”. But, nevertheless, became the wife of Alexander. The first social networks new couple was congratulated by the girlfriend Nika Belotserkovskaya, which was introduced to Oksana and Alexander.

“It is finished! “Conversations with the cat” is a General account of Alexander and Oksana, in which they post their funny dialogues) is now a legitimate enterprise! Oksana (51%) laughs at the simplicity of Alexander (49%). Our controlling interest! Sorry and congratulations.” – posted by Nika Belotserkovskaya.
Оксана Лаврентьева вышла замуж

Earlier in conversation with girlfriend Nika Belotserkovskaya Oksana admitted that he was nervous before the wedding, but still wants to marry and the marriage contract she signed with her beloved. Belotserkovsky published this dialogue in stories of his Instagram.

A wedding party was led, of course, Ksenia Sobchak. The hall was decorated with floral arrangements. Bride for holiday prigotovila four outfit. At the ceremony wearing a modest just below the knee white dress and sheer light long veil with a veil. In the restaurant, where the guests gathered, and once again it’s been humorous ceremony, she appeared in a long, flowing dress with a daring slit.

Оксана Лаврентьева вышла замуж

This marriage for both newlyweds was not the first. Oksana was married to a financier Anton puck. In 2014, they divorced. Have Lavrentieva has a grown daughter, Alina already 20, and a son, Yegor, who was born in 2006. Zipkin were also married and only recently told that divorced.

About the affair, they openly declared last winter, and in March, Alexander did she offer hands and hearts.

Lovers do not hide their relationship, write a lot in social media as happy about what they say, because of what I bet and how often they make love. Lavrentiev did not believe that “happiness loves silence”. “Long wanted to write about the eternal Russian bigotry “happiness loves silence”. In our country, to suffer is to enjoy life. We all remember from childhood, “who laughs a lot cries a lot then”, “to be modest”, “not accepted, not allowed, shame.” I think the most important thing is to be yourself, be sincere , be real and enjoy every day. No silence does not guarantee happiness, and if happiness ends, it is certainly not because of publicity. All will end someday, but we can in this moment right now to enjoy it in full. Other may not be.”

And publicly admitted my future husband in love, right on the page in Instagram explaining that she loved.

“I want to answer the hidden question : “why am I in love with him”. “Because besides the fact that Alexander Tsypkin versatile person, a good man, an interesting conversationalist, my best friend is rare and vulgar, he is also unexpectedly talented!” wrote Oksana.

Oksana and Alexander with the help of its friends instead of the pompous wedding party made a real, noisy, merry, reckless party.

On the stage was a place for Mikhail Boyarsky, who performed for the couple (both incidentally originally from St. Petersburg) his most lyrical, all your favorite songs, and bully the Cord with group “Leningrad”, who sang “uncut”. And the scene in the hall yesterday, fiance, and now husband, zipkin also sang with the voice of Oleg Anofriev the famous ballad of “the Bremen town musicians” – song of the Troubadour. For this room Alexander even changed.

A huge cake, consisting of several, all in beautiful colors, these two were not ceremoniously cut, as is done normally. Oksana first broke off a piece of celebratory dessert and tenderness is actually smeared on the face of a loved one. He did not remain in debt. Such “beautiful” – all in white cream and strawberry pieces, they have long danced on the stage with a Cord and singing to him. And in response, making long pauses in the riffs, shouted: “Kiss!”.