Оксана Лаврентьева выходит замуж за писателя
Wedding well-known business lady is scheduled for fall 2018.

Oksana Lavrent’ev and Alexander cypkin

Photo: Instagram

In 2014 founder of “Rusmoda” Oksana
Lavrentieva divorced businessman Anton puck, with whom she had two children. For a long time
socialite is not spread about his personal life, but in 2017
became known on the novel of Oksana with writer Alexander by Tsypkin.

Lovers began to go out together and keep
shared page in Instagram with romantic photos. Under one of the
recent images of Oksana and Alexander announced their engagement: “Kitty, come on
getting married? on”

The correspondent of the Tatler contacted Lavrentieva below
to find out whether it was a joke. Oksana has confirmed that they are with Alexander
going to get married. The wedding is scheduled for the autumn.