Oksana Grigorieva is suffering from post-traumatic syndrome after her breakup with Mel Gibson

Оксана Григорьева страдает от посттравматического синдрома после расставания с Мелом Гибсоном

47-year-old pianist and singer Oksana Grigorieva claims that “because of domestic violence, and protracted and difficult trial which she had to endure” during the relationship with Mel Gibson, she now suffers from post-traumatic syndrome.

Оксана Григорьева страдает от посттравматического синдрома после расставания с Мелом Гибсоном

The pianist had to endure a lot. In 2009, Gibson and Grigorieva’s daughter Lucia, a year later, Oksana said to the father of her child to the police, accusing him of domestic violence. Give the girl a was not going in for a couple of years imposes on Gibson’s lawsuits, including an increase in child support, which he pays for the maintenance of common children.

In the document fell into the hands of journalists, Grigorieva claims that due to stress and bankruptcy she had a pituitary adenoma – a tumor in the pituitary gland. The singer is suing the firm White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna & Hunt, which helped her during the hearing, Gibson and now requires Oksana more than 100 thousand dollars for the alleged outstanding debt for the work.

Recall that the epic of the courts began to ex-spouses in 2010. First Grigorieva has filed a lawsuit against Mel, accusing him of domestic violence. After – couple sued for custody of the daughter.
In addition to Lucia, Gibson has seven children also from a previous marriage. During the scandalous breakup of the actor and the mother of his child in 2011 signed an agreement not to disclose details of their life together. For this Chalk in several stages had to pay 750 thousand dollars. However, you know women! Even big money can’t make them keep their mouth shut, especially in good company. A year ago Grigoriev was invited on a talk show with Howard stern and he “talked” Oksana juicy details of their Chalk marriage. Gibson and his lawyers were there. And in February the court ruled: the Chalk may not pay his ex-wife not remaining sum of 375 thousand, since she is such a talker and did not keep their promises.
Soon the pianist declared himself bankrupt. A close friend has confirmed that on account of the mother of the child of a Hollywood star just ten dollars, while she has large debts (about half a million), most of which (half, to be exact) she owed to lawyers, leading her case against Gibson.
Oksana alone is raising two children: seventeen-year-old son from her marriage to Timothy Dalton, and a daughter from Chalk. Dalton gives her every month to two thousand dollars per child, and Gibson was generous to twenty thousand monthly allowance.