Oksana Fedorova told about the new addition to the family

Оксана Федорова рассказала о пополнении в семье
The presenter brought two dogs.

Оксана Федорова рассказала о пополнении в семье

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Oksana Fedorova loves animals. In her house two years living Pomeranian named Marshmallow. About a year ago, the TV presenter bought the cat of the Abyssinian breed. Children stars — 5-year-old Fedor and 4-year-old Lisa love to play with both. However, if cheerful Spitz ready to have fun all day, the cat sometimes gets tired of the children. She found the only place in the big house, where children can’t get is the wardrobe. She climbs back down and looks at home fuss.

“In my childhood I didn’t have animals — sadly recalls Oksana. But I’m glad my children can learn kindness in Pets”.

Especially now that animals in the house Fedorova has doubled. Apparently, the star took the two dogs from the shelter. One of them big dog, like a shepherd, the second is still a little puppy, which will likely also grow to the size of a small calf.

“The completion of our family! — to share the joy Oksana subscribers. — Baron A. and Sheriff Alexandrovich instantly became good friends!”

New members of the family while living on the street, the benefit of the territory of a country house of Oxana Fedorova allows you to keep twenty dogs. But soon they will have to build the enclosure in which they will become full owners.

By the way, it is possible that Fedorov will soon purchase another animal. However, already the bigger size. The TV presenter confessed she always dreamed to have a horse, but that doesn’t have the time, opportunity. But recently, the star often thinks about it. Incidentally, in December of this year, Oksana’s birthday — she turns 40 years. Maybe her husband will give wife her dream.

Who will win? What do you say ? ?????The speed and grace or the size and pressure? #giveconsole

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