Оксана Федорова показала подросшую дочь
4-year-old Lisa had inherited her mother’s beauty.

Photo: Instagram

Apparently, the daughter of Oksana Fedorova, decided to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother. Little Lisa is only four and a half years, but she already felt comfortable in front of the camera. Fedorova has shared with fans a picture in which it is seen that Lisa posing in Studio in front of a photographer. The girl is dressed in a beautiful designer dress, the hem of which is decorated with roses made of delicate fabric. The same colors adorn hairstyles girls.

“Is Cinderella ready to go to the ball!” — signed photo of Oksana.

Fans, by the way, did not appreciate this comparison. Though the fate of Cinderella in the end and was successful, but she lived with a wicked stepmother and two stepsisters, who tormented her for any reason and forced to serve themselves. This story is definitely not about Lisa! She lives like a real little Princess. While she enjoys life without work. But her brother 5-year-old Theodore has already started to work with mom! However, he did not like. About it journalists were told the ex-Miss universe.

“Our Fund “Hasten to do good” takes part in many charity events. This year we will be present at “Kielce Mosfilm”, — she shared. — I was involved with his son Fedor. This is his first such experience. — Fyodor tried very hard, ran errands for the Director. But then the son was tired and said, “I don’t want to play, let me go home!” I think Fedor after this incident would not dream of becoming an actor”.

But, like all children Fedor and Lisa dream about New year and gifts. Their Oksana have long been prepared. The TV presenter bought the kids what they had long asked: big jeep, so they could ride in their cottage together.