Oksana Fedorova opened a school for girls

Оксана Федорова открывает школу для девочек
Model and TV presenter develops the concept of the educational establishments for young ladies.

Photo: Instagram

Eks-“Miss universe” Oksana Fedorova has decided that is simply obliged to share their skills with the younger generation. So the model and TV presenter has the idea to make a school for girls.

“The ability to move, speak, dress and act in society is always served as an indicator of well-mannered girls, — explains his idea Oksana. — So now we’re working on a school project for girls Oksana Fedorova, where the student will learn not only the knowledge and skills, but also singing, acting and other fine things.”

When school will appear in Moscow and is ready to receive its first students, not yet reported. Fedorov promised that as soon as something will be known, it must notify its fans. To teach at the school will not only Oksana, and other famous people from the world of fashion, cinema and show-business.

One of the first enrolled in school would obviously be the daughter, Lisa, who will soon turn 5 years old. She, by the way, despite his young age, already showing artistic ability.

“In childhood, all children love to draw. But once I saw the daughter draws people and animals, and admired: for four years very talented! — says Oksana. — I believe that Lisa will need to develop your talent. When a little older, I will give her to art school. In the meantime, she encouraged their creativity mom and dad. My favorite is her picture of a ballerina. I put it in a frame and admire them every day.”

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