Oksana Fedorova: “Mom always stands on the side of Andrew!”

Оксана Федорова: «Мама всегда встает на сторону Андрея!» The TV presenter admitted in her family home. Oksana Fedorova told “StarHit” the fascination with the Opera voice, and shared, what do her children and what surprises satisfied spouse.

      Оксана Федорова: «Мама всегда встает на сторону Андрея!»

      Oksana tried myself in many roles. She and the investigator, both the model and TV presenter, and designer, and restaurateur and singer. But Fedorov continues to amaze. Recently fans of the star were stunned, to hear her beautiful operatic vocals. On a new hobby, a shocking sentence, the spouse and the division of responsibilities in the family Oksana openly said “StarHit”.

      “Children are afraid of dad”

      “At home I’m always humming something, it will not surprise anyone. But when he began to try himself in the Opera, that warned her husband, saying, do not be afraid. Andrew, of course, surprised at this turn of events. To faster used, invited him to class.

      Oksana Fedorova: “Work out the impact on the husband”

      The spouse of my chief judge. Well, what neighbors we have, and the house gradually ceased to respond to my rehearsal. I’m working with a private teacher. Get real pleasure when I perceive something new, including myself. Classical music and the art of love since childhood.

      I remember, as if spellbound listening to orchestral concerts in Pskov. Sang in the school choir the first batch studied at a music school. But seriously did it just now when ripe.

      Children ask me for lessons, take them with you sometimes. But Michelle and Lisa’s too young to understand music. We have a piano, he stood for a long time as a decoration, but is now used for the purpose: play music, though not as often as I would like. When I have time, invite the teacher of solfeggio. Fedya and Lisa like to watch, absorbing everything. I do want them in the future, had a musical education.

      But as long as kids have other interests. Fedor feels great in the water, he is a very athletic boy. Loves books, especially short little stories, stories, stories. Read the classics: Chukovsky, Barto, Pushkin “the fisherman and the fish”, “the priest and his worker Balde”. Started “the little humpbacked Horse” Ershov, but it’s a long piece, son is still difficult to master. Lisa is a lively girl, loves to draw, sculpt, build, is choreography. It is already clear that she is creative nature, and Fyodor will grow strong.

      I think that boys, if they have no contraindications, should take a school life like the army. And I like the idea that his son might become a soldier, like his dad. Man should benefit. Eldest son Andrew from a previous marriage, 22-year-old Nikita, finishes military school.

      Оксана Федорова: «Мама всегда встает на сторону Андрея!»

      My husband is a approach to the education of heirs. He is responsible for fitness and sport. Regularly go to a Boxing gym that opened in our village. Dad does not Skive. Therefore, even we play mostly outdoor games – running, jumping. Andrew, the head of the family, the authority. There are things that I can’t convey to the children. Still, they’ve learned that mom gentle, kind, swear only in exceptional cases. And the Pope need only look – and Fedya, with Lisa immediately understand that it is necessary to collect the toys, clean up. Children of Andrew afraid, I really do. But at the same time, I understand that he loves them and sometimes even spoils.

      “I want to be omnipresent”

      Оксана Федорова: «Мама всегда встает на сторону Андрея!»

      Now my every morning starts with a cold shower, a glass of water and exercise. Andrew recently taught me to tempering. It is well arouses an organism, given the amount of work you usually ahead. Offered dive into the hole. He prepared him. For me, of course, it was amazing to walk in the snow, to plunge. But I get used to it. Soon children will begin to hardened.

      Husband of Oksana Fedorova is experiencing its cold

      Six years of marriage – serious time, but the relationship must be maintained always. We have a tradition of Sunday dinners with the whole family, joint hikes with the kids on the rides. My husband often gives me surprises. Andrew knows how to surprise: you never warned in advance, and then suddenly it appears on my events.

      I love it when the husband brings gifts from his trips, and business trips. Although shopping is not his story, he finds the time he tries to. Knows I love perfumes selection. I understand that men have little time, but it’s nice that he chooses – to your taste.

      Disputes, tensions have. But with every year less. We just shared with her husband the duties not to interfere with each other. Everything about the construction, safety, I trust my husband. Creative moments take over. Do not get involved in matters of a spouse. Although sometimes you want to be omnipresent. If you’re fighting, mother-in-law is always on my side, and my mother defending her husband. But how long the conflict lasts. We understand that, whatever happens, we have to be a single organism. We have one common ship, which sails to its goal, and we need to withstand the storm in the raging sea.” Oksana Fedorova has saved the mother from harm