Оксана Федорова открыла дачный сезон
The presenter told us why she likes to live outside the city.

Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova very happy early spring, which came to the Moscow region. And not just because you can walk with children
in the fresh air. In addition, she’ll soon be able to return to the beloved
hobby: TV presenter loves to grow on the site of a country house vegetables
and greens. Like the artist take care of flowers.

“In this weather soon, the summer season will open! —
smiling star. — We have a few beds where we planted cucumbers,
zucchini, parsley. I believe that the most optimal for children to grow up surrounded by nature so we live in the country. But most of all I love our
a flowerbed. It is located right under our bedroom window, and so nice
in the morning to see out the window beautiful flowers… Every year we buy plants and together
with children grown peonies, roses, daffodils, tulips. I think this year
something to plant.”

Fedorov is not the only celebrity who likes to garden. I love
to mess with seedlings, care for plants, and in the fall to harvest and other
star. For example, Anita Tsoy happy home not only because her kitchen has
fruits and vegetables from their land without chemicals and preservatives, but also what she loves and
able to do all kinds of workpiece: compotes, jams and preserves for the winter.