Oksana Fedorova decided the menu for their own restaurant

Оксана Федорова составила меню для собственного ресторана The presenter opened the institution, which has invested a lot of effort. Capital restaurant PALAТIN started recently, but has already established itself as a cozy and atmospheric restaurant.

      Оксана Федорова составила меню для собственного ресторана

      TV presenter Oksana Fedorova continues to evolve in the business. Three years ago she founded the clothing brand OFERA, and in December of 2016 in the city center began operation of a restaurant PALAТIN.

      “We have a small but friendly company of the owners, – says Oksana “StarHit”. We made repair in the room, updated walls, floors, furniture… I Love Georgian cuisine, so wanted, so we can offer khachapuri, lobio, pkhali, and other delights. Our wonderful chef came up with a lot of dishes, for example, diet salads for those watching their waistlines, awesome eclairs and Mille-feuille with raspberries – for those who, on the contrary, is not afraid to amend.”

      Оксана Федорова составила меню для собственного ресторана

      The average check at the restaurant – 2500 rubles. At the opening PALAТIN he gave the singer Alexey Chumakov, “Group PM” and GQ Band. To congratulate him with the first day of the institution came Angelica, Leonid Zakoshansky, Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova.

      “Everyone said that the place is atmospheric, cosy – getting here, if you are not in Moscow – continues Oksana. For convenience, we have free Parking”.

      The restaurant hosts themed events.

      “Recently we had a party one music channel – performed many artists, it was fun, – says Oksana. – I think we can organize such events at least once a week, your guests should be like”.