Oksana Fedorova brought out the grown children

Оксана Федорова вывела в свет подросших детей
Former “Miss universe” was supported by Maxim Fadeev.

Oksana Fedorova children, Maxim Fadeev and Emin Agalarov

Photo: Social Networks

Oksana Fedorova was among the guests invited to the opening of another restaurant music Maxim Fadeev and Emin Agalarov in Moscow. In the center of the capital opened a branch of trendy “Dяdи max”, focused on young audiences. One of the first in the new institution to “mark” children by Oksana — five-year-old Theodore and four-year-old Elizabeth.

Fedorov not often goes out with her grown-up children, trying to protect them from excessive media attention. However, Fadeev she made an exception. Later, the Network appeared some pictures from the opening, where the former Miss universe poses with Fedor and Elizabeth. “We are impressed by the wonderful, conceptual, family and music restaurant. It was very cool. Are you guys good,” said Oksana after the holiday.

By the way, the fans can’t decide who are like children Fedorova: it itself or the head of the family, Andrei Borodin? Someone thinks that she is growing up a replica of his mother, and the son looks like dad. Recently, the family Fedorova at full strength rested in Sochi. Oksana wanted this year to put children on skis. But in the end she “take the rap” on the slope of one for the entire family, as the children was sick the whole vacation.