Oksana Fedorova bought the kids cool SUV

Оксана Федорова купила детям крутой внедорожник
The presenter begins to prepare for the New year.

Photo: Instagram

Oksana Fedorova has attended to search and purchase Christmas gifts for their children — 5-year-old Fedor and 4-year-old Elizabeth. The first “lot” was the electric vehicle that the presenter acquired on the Internet. This large SUV can easily fit two children, and this means that in the first day of the new year Fedor and Lisa will be able to ride around the yard.

“Buying a gift for your favorite kids, — said Oksana with their fans. — The kids really wanted a big car to be able to ride together. Left to buy a water snake on batteries…”

This car is worth about 30 thousand rubles. Before the holiday Oksana plans to hide him in the business premises of his home country. By the way, the pictures with the machine and Oksana lit a new member of the family Fedorova, who will meet this New year in your home.

Not so long ago, Oksana took two dogs from a shelter. One of them big dog, like a shepherd (pictured), the second is still a little puppy, which will likely also grow to the size of a small calf. Dogs named Baron A. and Sheriff Alexandrovich. At first they lived just in the yard, and now they are for the winter, have built their own enclosures and set a comfortable kennel where the dogs can hide from the cold.