Оксана Фандера оказалась участницей громкого преступления
The actress played a thief in a new project of NTV.

Оксана Фандера оказалась участницей громкого преступления

Oksana Fandera

Photo: press-service of NTV

In Moscow finished shooting the series “Elusive” with Oksana Vander and Yury Stoyanov in the lead roles. New series
NTV will take viewers to Odessa in 1958, where the object of thieves ‘ interest
was the Stradivarius, donated to the David Oistrakh of the Belgian Queen.

In the story, two of the legendary black thief (Alexander Lykov and Sergey Gazarov) decided on a “robbery of the century”. From Moscow violin
transported in a special wagon trains and to crank out a profitable little business, experienced craftsmen
assemble a team of young craftsmen thieves business. However, the operation
risk to take an unexpected turn, as it interferes with love.

The action series is set in Odessa and Yalta. The streets of these cities healed the unique atmosphere of the 50-ies.
The final stage of the shooting period took place in Moscow: departure of the train “Moscow — Odessa”, where will unfold the climax of the filming of the theft of a unique tool.

Oksana Fandera played the role of a legendary thief
Farocki Of Dancing And Sexy Dancers. “The atmosphere on the set was so creative,
that’s probably not enough words to describe how comfortable
it was work, — said the actress. — My
the series became Alexander Lykov and Sergey Gazarov. We were so good together that
during filming, we realized that we share the same sense of humor for three! Non-stop
made fun of each other. I was just lucky to be with them in the same
the team.”

Oksana Fandera and Yuri Stoyanov

Photo: press-service of NTV