Oksana Fandera urgently addressed to doctors

Оксана Фандера экстренно обратилась к врачам Earlier in the week in the media appeared information that the famous actress is experiencing health problems. The result is Oksana Fandera went to the hospital with complaints of severe pain. Experts recommend the star to undergo surgery.
Оксана Фандера экстренно обратилась к врачам

Journalists report that a 50-year-old Oksana Fandera was feeling unwell and urgently went to the doctors. The star was taken to a medical facility with acute pain in the abdomen. According to some, a celebrity and have found the pancreatitis.

Experts came to the conclusion that Pandere need medical intervention. The actress began to prepare for surgery. However, during this process, the star suddenly decided to refuse hospitalization. According to correspondents, Oksana Fandera is going to be treated in a private clinic. About how long the star will be seen the doctors, not yet reported.

Later, the representatives of the media contacted Vander to see what it is in the state. The actress was quick to assure that is not experiencing serious difficulties, and chose not to confirm the information about his hospitalization. Moreover, Oksana said he was highly surprised at this information and called them rumors. The star reacted to these data with humor.

“I don’t know, I think laughter would be my comment. All I can say. This is ridiculous. All right. This is nonsense. Thank you for caring,” shared the celebrity.

A few hours earlier on Instagram Oksana had a picture of a bouquet of flowers. “Unbearably beautiful moment of life…” – said the actress, not putting geolocation. Star often puts philosophical posts, which quoted favorite writers or indulges in meditation. The artist prefers not to share with the fans of their problems, considering that social networking is not the place for such topics. “I don’t want to upset you, but I’m all right!” – wrote Fandera on Instagram a week ago.

Note that tomorrow starts the 71st Cannes international film festival. It will go until may 19. In the framework of the Russian pavilion will be the presentation of several new projects, and showcase of paintings “Eternal life Alexander hristoforov” starring Oksana Fandera. Adventure Comedy of Eugene Shelakina will be released in October this year. She tells about a former actor Alexander Christoforou, forced to work in the historic entertainment Park. Pandere got the role of the beloved main character played by Alexei Guskov. The character Oksana becomes a kind of life-saving straw for hristoforova.

According to the materials of Mash and REN TV.