Oksana Akinshina was charged in the beating

Оксане Акиньшиной предъявили обвинения в избиении
Recently it became known that the actress Oksana Akinshina was in serious trouble.

Оксане Акиньшиной предъявили обвинения в избиении

The star filed a police report, accusing her of beating.

So says the neighbor Oksana. She told me that Akinshina raised her hand. And the reason for the conflict was the fact that the actress parked in the red, and the point made in his address, reacted violently, attacking the woman with his fists.

Also neighbor claims that Akinshina threatened to get out of the machine guns.

In principle, the actress is not known for an easy disposition, very easy to ruffle.

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