Oksana Akinshina showed little daughter

Оксана Акиньшина показала маленькую дочь In the Network appeared the photo of the child actress. Oksana Akinshina is a mother who carefully hides from the prying eyes of his family. However, rare photo of her children still become public, as they spread other stars.

Movie star Oksana Akinshina is a rare guest at social events. The actress rarely gives interviews, and tries not to comment on personal life. Little more than a year ago Oksana Akinshina became a mother for the third time in January 2017 she gave birth to a girl from film producer Archil Gelovani. For couples daughter was the second child – 15 Jan 2013 they had a son Konstanin. In addition, Oksana has a child from a previous relationship. The actress first became a mother in 2009, being married to a Director of the company Dmitry Litvinov, in the summer their son Philip is 9 years old.

Akinshina, which has long had a reputation as a Tomboy and desperate girls, especially when she met with the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has changed dramatically. Now she is an exemplary wife and mother, and her rare posts on Instagram on the theme of family.

“The family is a small country, whose dad is President, mom is the Minister of Finance, Minister of health, Minister of culture and emergencies in the family. And the child – it is the people who always requires something, outraged and arranges a strike. The woman in addition to the child that she gave birth to, have another child, with whom she had a mother-in-law… Men – our weakness, children are the joy. Once relaxed and be happy all my life,” wrote one day Oksana.

Akinshina spends all his free time with children, says in a few interviews how hurry home to the family, and how much has changed for her inner level of responsibility.

The actress hides their children from the public, not removed from them for fashion magazines, but lead quite an active life. For example, often travels with her husband and children, takes small tours and children’s shows. So she with her son and daughter became a guest of the circus Zapashny, and with it this day had been there, and Alexei Yagudin. Skater issued a joint photo, which clearly shows your daughter’s face Akinshina.

“Sports cast with Oksana Akinshina visiting the actress under the roof of the circus. Oksana, it is unrealistic to see you!” – signed photo with Yagudin.

Oksana is not the first time a guest of the circus zapashnyh in past times children, she said, was delighted. She announced this on his page in Instagram, where not too active, but still communicates with fans, answering questions, where and how she travels with the family when again will appear on the screen, and why so little is removed or why not consider that the son of Constantine similar to his father: “All that writing that is similar to the father in childhood, like dad in kindergarten”.

But to the question, how is it called the daughter, the actress is still not answered. Gelovani Akinshina and continue to withhold the name of the girl. However, some fans believe that the girl’s name is Louise.