Oksana Akinshina shared intimate sycom from vacation

Оксана Акиньшина поделилась интимным сником с отдыха The actress has decided to please fans with vivid pictures of her posing in a stylish swimwear. Social media users were delighted with the publications Oksana Akinshina and showered her with compliments.

30-year-old actress Oksana Akinshina – mother of many children. At the beginning of this year, the celebrity gave birth to your spouse, film producer Archil Gelovani, lovely daughter. Fans of the actress regularly write her compliments in social networks. In their opinion, Oksana is in great shape.

Not so long ago, Oksana decided to relax. The star decided not to ask where she went to relax away from the busy everyday life. In the microblog actress appeared bright images in the pool. The artist does not hide that nice break from work. On Thursday evening Akinshina published a picture in which she poses in a bikini is bright red. The celebrity decided to focus the attention of fans on your stylish swimsuit.

“As we wanted to relax, well, almost happened,” – said the actress.

Fans of the actress came to the delight of its publication. “You are so cool! Right here are different and will not say”, “Chic”, “You are gorgeous”, “We’re in love”, “If beauty was a number, then you’d be infinity”, “mother of three children you look incredibly fresh! Of your eyes literally glows with happiness. I wish you all the best,” commented fans Akinshina.

In addition, Oksana has published a picture, which she swims in the swim wear blue. The actress looks happy and relaxed. “Finally rest” – shared the actress. “Beauty”, “incredible You” – discussed by fans of the artist. In the comments to his post Oksana also noted that her husband was delighted with the swimsuit bright rassveti. Apparently, Akinshina spends time with her husband.

Note that after the birth of her daughter Oksana Akinshina quickly came into shape after giving birth. In February, the actress began to return to secular life. A celebrity visited restaurant Maxim Fadeev, where he met Emin Agalarov. Well-known producer shared on Instagram combines photography with colleagues in show business. Then social media users found that Akinshina seemed to glow from happiness.

Postroynevshaya Oksana Akinshina returned to secular life after birth

A few months after the long-awaited replenishment in the family of the actress, along with her husband and children went to Switzerland. The couple decided to give the middle child the coast in a private school located in the small resort town of Villars-sur-Ollon. In June Oksana and Archil celebrated my son’s graduation.