Oksana Akinshina shared in the wedding dress

Оксана Акиньшина поделилась снимком в свадебном платье
For microblogging popular actress Oksana Akinshina watch a lot of dedicated fans.

Оксана Акиньшина поделилась снимком в свадебном платье

Recently the actress shocked fans by posting a photo in a wedding dress, and beside her stood the actor Pavel Derevyanko.

Followers immediately guessed that these images are created for the new film “Superbboy 2”, starring Oksana and Paul.

The shooting took place in Gelendzhik, and the Director of the movie was Dmitriy Dyachenko.

“We started! Good luck, as they say. Good script, great Director and great team of actors,” wrote Paul in Instagram.

It is worth noting that the actors look together very organically. And we’ll all look forward to the release on the big screen in a new film.

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